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Quickr India Pvt. Ltd. fraud

Quickr India Pvt. Ltd. is a online advertisement Company, I have Paid Rs. 4,200/- in ICICI Account No. 000405032195, Branch Nariman Point Mumbai account of Quickr India Pvt. Ltd. on 29th Jan 2013.

According To Their Terms And Conditions with in 24 hours my advertisement account will be activated online.

But today is 5th day after depositing the money to them, they are not responding me at all if i am calling them they are keeping their mobile switch off.

The People who contacted me to pay the money online are Mr. Ali Asgar contact number +91 7498874435 mail id aasgar@quickr.com another person Mr. Dhaval and Mr. Suraj contact number +91 7666646402 and a lady in the reception number 022 67797979, now these people are not responding me if in case they lift the call the answer is what can i do ?

They are cheating the customers in this way after depositing the money in the bank i have contacted them more than 300 times, so many times i have send them e-mail

Hence I request you kindly take an strict action on the Organization and these 4 people who are making the customers to suffer to become fool and loos of time and money.

Submitted by anitha